What is trauma? Can it be prevented or healed? (Part I)

The ‘Stream of Life’ metaphor describes our emotional life, which flows like a river within its banks. This river contains all our sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviors, which are under our control. There are also stones and boulders in the riverbed, difficult situations we have faced in the past, and which may account for some […]

The Challenges of Living with Pain

A previous version of this article appeared in Pulse, May 13th, 2016. Normally we seek to avoid pain, whether associated with a known physical condition such as an injury or illness, or something more clearly perceived as psychic/emotional pain, such as despair, helplessness, anxiety. It is often easier to deal with acute pain, which by […]

The body mind clinic

When I first studied clinical psychology (e.g., psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy) many years ago, the focus was on ‘talking’ therapy. Nowadays, the newer therapies, such as Focusing and Somatic Experiencing (SE) utilize a more unified body-mind approach, and tend to be more short-term. As a trauma therapist, I help my clients use their brains, minds and bodies […]

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Soma (Latin) means body We experience our body via its sensations. A sensation can feel pleasurable or painful. In order to describe sensations associated with constriction or trauma, we may use words such as heavy, congested, queasy, disconnected, empty. Sensations associated with expansion and healing include words such as light, flowing, bubbly, warm, solid. If […]

Have you ever been in a car crash?

The greater the number of drivers and vehicles on the road, the more car accidents there are. This is especially so when road maintenance and expansion are not always top priorities, and when driving has become a way of letting off steam for people with temperamental nervous systems, itching for a fight. In a society […]

The Felt Sense, Resources, and Resiliency

What is the Felt Sense? Eugene Gendlin (2003) the creator of a method he called focusing, coined the term felt sense in his seminal book, Focusing. A felt sense is “a special kind of internal bodily awareness,” that one can learn to be increasingly attuned to, a “body-sense of meaning.” This process involves a physical […]

Focusing, somatic experiencing, and the compass of the body

In his seminal book, Focusing, Gendlin (1982) describes what he means by the ‘felt sense’: “A felt sense is not a mental experience but a physical one. Physical. A bodily awareness of a situation or person or event. An internal aura that encompasses everything you feel and know about the given subject at a given […]

The Enigma of Childhood – Interview with Dr. Ronnie Solan

The Enigma of Childhood – Interview with Dr. Ronnie Solan

Republished by permission from Author Site (ronniesolan.com) Interview by Ruth Shidlo, PhD., SEP Dr. Ronnie Solan is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst based in Tel Aviv. An expert on the emotional development of the child, she works with children, adolescents, adults and couples. Her book, The Enigma of Childhood – The Profound Impact of the […]

On the beach: propelled by the life forces inherent in imagination

On the beach: propelled by the life forces inherent in imagination

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience: ensconced in a comfortable armchair somewhere in the Judean hills, I imagined galloping on the beach, something I used to do every Friday, in my youth, while studying at BIU. I could almost feel the wind blowing in my face again, hear the pounding of horse-hooves and the […]