Dr. Ruth Shidlo

Psychologist in Tel Aviv

Clinical Psychologist License No. 1941 MOH Register of Psychologists, License No. 2152
רות שידלו

Trauma therapist and clinical psychologist

I remain affiliated with various institutions, such as the Ministry of Defense, and see patients in private practice. Over the years, I have devoted some of my work time to volunteering in some capacity or other, whether in the area of emotional first aid and SE training, advocating for basic human rights, such as the right to know one’s biological parents, a cause I care about deeply, or fur-thering the availability of therapy at a reduced cost to the general public.

In recent years, I have specialized in the treatment of trauma.

To this end, I have trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE), and gone on to be-come a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). I am involved in the local SE three-year training program, as an Assistant, Provider and Supervisor.

I am currently completing the certification process in EMDR, having complet-ed both Levels I and II.

After five years of study of psychology at Bar Ilan University, I packed up a few things and my newly collected research results and embarked on yet an-other five year stint, this time in San Diego, where I had been just accepted for the doctoral program at the California School of Professional Psychology. Needless to say, I was very excited at this opportunity to continue my training, this time in California, which I had never visited, but had captured my fancy. During my first year there, in addition to my studies and part-time internship, I somehow managed to analyze and write up my results, submit my MA thesis to Bar Ilan, and defend my thesis the following summer. 

Alongside our demanding course-load, as part of the requirements of CSPP, we all worked as Interns in various institutions, such as County Mental Health and UCSD Medical Center (where I remained as Post-Doctoral Fellow up until my return to Israel).

After over thirty years of working in various hospitals and outpatient mental health clinics in various capacities (liaison psychiatry and consultation, psy-chotherapy, clinical neuropsychoIogical evaluation), 

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My treatment approach

Since I have trained in various treatment modalities, I am able to offer my pa-tients a unified mind/body therapy tailored to their individual needs, taking in-to account their preferences. These include a more traditional psychodynamic “talk therapy,” EMDR and SE. Perhaps somewhat akin to a painter mixing colors on her palette to create the desired hue, I find that different patients and/or treatment issues may merit slightly different combinations of each of these points of view and therapeutic approaches. Each training has affected the way I perceive things and understand the life story that emerges in front of me. 

I find this multiplicity of viewpoint enriching, as I learn from my patients how to best work with them, a joint undertaking.

Some words about the mind-body-brain-self

While it is beyond the scope of this brief note to tackle this topic, suffice it to say that I join many others in viewing the workings of the mind and body, of which the brain is a part, as functioning as a unitary whole, with the Self (that part of us which is aware of and registers our felt-sense and our very being) as being an integral and indivisible part of who we are, of our mind, soul and spirit.


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